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Technology is evolving at an increasingly rapid rate, making it essential for technical gurus to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. Browser extension developers are faced with regular updates to all the popular browsers. This makes continuous development and modifications to browser extensions a cumbersome reality. Crossrider provides a solution to this problem with a development framework which is compatible with all browsers, regularly updated and also provides options for monetization. The Crossrider API is feature rich and includes solutions for cross-domain requests and browser buttons. Extensions created with Crossrider work with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and are automatically updated with every new release. The updates are done over an SSL connection, making it 100% safe. The Crossrider framework is available to developers across the world at no cost.

How to Start

To begin using the powerful Crossrider API, the developer simply registers at the Crossrider website. Signing up gives developers immediate access to a library of useful documents, screencasts and plugins. With everything at hand, the next steps are to start creating the extension with JavaScript and then incorporating it into the framework - ready for release. Once the extension is ready for deployment, Crossrider further helps developers with flexible options for download links or customizable and hosted installation areas. Crossrider also provides comprehensive analytical tools that track extension installations, in-app events and DAUs. Having statistical information at hand strongly impacts the quality of decisions made for future extension developments.

Examples of Crossrider Extensions

Crossrider Sport is a bespoke solution for increasing communication between sport fans and sport clubs. It gives clubs like FC Barcelona the opportunity to send real-time and relevant news and updates to fans through notifications, giving them an exciting experience, while increasing brand awareness and optimizing engagement.

Steamified is a Crossrider client set on helping users to watch all their social media streams in a single space. It uses Google+ as the main area of all the social streams but integrates all the other popular social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.

IntroRocket incorporates information from LinkedIn, Facebook and Salesforce to provide personal introductions and company level insights to salespeople with the aim of building lucrative connections.

Pintrips is a consumer focused extension with the straightforward function of pinning flights from travel websites to a single area for future consideration.

Crossrider in the Media

TechCrunch has been keeping an eye on the" development of Crossrider and reported on its Beta release and the ease of use. TNW (The Next Web) Robin Wauters published a blog about how quickly a useful Facebook extension can be built. According to the blog an extension that turns off Facebook message receipts was built within the space of five minutes using the Crossrider development platform. The blog also reported that Crossrider works across all browsers, setting it apart from other similar platforms. Another Facebook extension created using Crossrider was detailed in The add-on mentioned there gets rid of the Facebook image preview feature and also, of course, works across all the popular browsers.

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